Oval Volume Ear-cuff


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 Description & Details 



  Setting : Cubic



Size : Horizontal-1.2cm height-1.3cm Gap-0.5cm

Front Width : 5mm

Back-Side Width :3mm

Thickness :2mm


Gold Color : 1.99g /Standard of the Necklace with 14k 

(Margin of Error +-10%)


The image is 14k, Pink Gold. 

*All the pictures are close-up shooting. Thus, earring can be looks bigger than real one. 

we suggest that you have to check the size before you order this.*


**The price of 1 Quantity is only half side earring**


 How to wear an Ear Cuff?


 *To wear an ear cuff, start by slipping the cuff onto your upper ear where it's thinnest. 

Then, hold your ear taut while you slide the cuff down the outer rim of cartilage, rotating the cuff so it leans in slightly toward your inner ear

Try to position the cuff midway down, just below the top of your earlobe.




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Oval Cubic Ear-cuff


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